Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chapter 1

I. Equipment Operation
1. Navigation A. Navigates through the computer desktop and programs.
2. Configuration B. Configures the desktop and understands the arrangement and relationship between the computer and programs.
3. Troubleshooting C. Identifies and fixes (if possible) any problems occurring with the computer system.
4. Overview of computer operation D. Describes the computer operation.
5. Overview of Peripherals E. Identifies peripherals (mouse, printer, scanner etc) and how they connect/interact with the computer system.
6. File Management and Integration F. Manages files and how they interact with each other.
1. Finding, deleting, moving and saving G. Finds, deletes, moves and saves files.
2. File format/size management H. Names files and manages the size for optimal efficiency.
3. Back-up I. Backs-up files.
4. Font Management J. Manages fonts for system efficiency.

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