Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Past assignments.

Please email me your following assignments for grading.  To...

1. Park Restoration.
2. Disneyland castle


Look up Old Town House Restaurant on the internet.  Notice their coffee cup logo.  They want something that says beach or surf or both.  That is all the direction they have given me.  Use your imagination.  At this point you can come up with more than one idea.  It doesn't have to be perfect but needs to be good enough to show the client.  Use the reading from yesterday as your guide to making a good logo. Pay attention to the Vector format.


Use Illustrator


    • 1
      Create a new file Adobe Illustrator by going to "File>New." Type in the physical size of your document. For example, if creating letterhead, you will probably want to start with a letter-size sheet.
    • 2
      Create your graphics. If you need to draw something, you will want to use points and bezier curves to get your graphics the way you want them.
    • 3
      If you use the symbols tool or other special features, you will need to flatten the transparency of your artwork before saving. Select all the objects on your page by holding down the "Ctrl + A" keys at the same time for px ("Command+a" for Mac).
    • 4

      Go to "Object>Flatten Transparency." When the flatten transparency box comes up, hit "Ok."
    • 5
      Save your artwork. You've now created your first vector file.


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