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assement for CCTE

 CCTE ESLR Assessment 
2012- 2013 

Directions: Read the following questions and select the BEST answer. 

Cluster 1: Practicing Occupational Safety Standards 
1. When should a dangerous condition in the workplace be reported to the supervisor? 
A. When convenient 
B. At once 
C. By the end of the work shift 
D. When the supervisor isn‟t busy 

2. What must you do before operating any equipment? 
A. Make sure it works 
B. Read the instruction manual 
C. Wash your hands thoroughly 
D. Receive training, instructions and permission 

3. What should you do if you are asked to lift an object that is too heavy for you to lift? 
A. Ask for help 
B. Lift it using your legs 
C. Call the supervisor 
D. Call the custodian 

4. What is the safest way to use tools, machines, and materials? 
A. Correctly, wearing proper safety gear 
B. With a partner 
C. Outside with no one else around 
D. Using two hands 

5. When should an injury be reported to the supervisor? 
A. When it is caused by another employee 
B. After seeing a doctor 
C. Immediately 
D. Before the end of the work shift 
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Cluster 2: Underlying Principles of Technology (use of technology) 
6. Sophie’s supervisor asks her to write a letter to a customer. What tool should she use? 

A. Word processor 
B. Lined paper 
C. Spreadsheet 
D. Photoshop 
7. If you need to call in sick to work and you cannot reach your supervisor using the telephone, what should you do? 

A. Go to work anyway. 
B. Try calling again later in the day. 
C. Email the supervisor. 
D. Send your co-worker a text message to let your boss know. 
8. You’ve been asked to find your company’s competitor’s prices. What would be the best tool to use? 

A. Digital camera inside the competitor‟s store 
B. A clipboard 
C. Survey of customers exiting the competitor‟s store 
D. Internet search engine 
9. Which of the following is not an appropriate use of technology in the workplace? 

A. Setting your personal cell phone on silent or vibrate mode 
B. Updating your status on Facebook 
C. Using office computer to respond to business emails in your work email account 
D. Using PowerPoint to create a presentation. 
10. Emma receives an email at work on her company email account that contains an inappropriate joke. What should she do? 

A. Delete the email without forwarding it. 
B. Forward it to her friends. 
C. Reply back to the person who sent the email. 
D. Report it to the police. 
Cluster 3: Thinking Critically and Solving Problems Effectively 
11. You missed the bus to work. The next bus will not get you to work on time. What should you do now? 

A. Call your supervisor to say you may be late and try to find an alternative ride. 
B. Send a text message to your co-worker to inform him you will be late. 
C. Get on the next bus and get to work as soon as possible. 
D. Send a text message to your supervisor to inform her you will not be coming to work. Page of 10 

12. A customer demands a refund. You are not sure how to handle the situation. What should you do? 

A. Ask your supervisor. 
B. Give her the refund because the customer is always right. 
C. Ask the customer to come back later when someone will know what to do. 
D. Based on the circumstances decide what is best for the company. 
13. You have been assigned to a team to complete a project. The deadline is in two days and your team has not made much progress. What should you do? 

A. Figure out who is at fault and ask them to leave the team. 
B. Go to your supervisor and ask for more time. 
C. Call a meeting with the team to discuss the situation and create an action plan. 
D. Ask to be taken off the team. 
14. Your raise this year was much less than you expected. What should you do? 

A. Meet with your supervisor and ask for clarification. 
B. Go to your supervisor‟s boss and express your disappointment. 
C. Ask your coworkers how much their raises were to see if yours was fair. 
D. Post your disappointment with your raise on Facebook. 
15. The copy machine in your office gets a paper jam while you are making copies. What do you do next? 

A. Ask for help from someone in the office who has been trained to fix paper jams. 
B. Call the copy machine company. 
C. Come back later to make more copies once the machine is working again. 
D. Try to fix the jam yourself. 
Cluster 4: Using Basic Skills in Reading, Writing, Math, Listening and Speaking as they relate to Occupation Specific Skills 
16. On the first line of a job application it asks for “Name (Last, First):” The applicant’s name is John Strong. Which of the answers is the best example of following the instructions given on the job application? 

A. Strong, John 
B. John, Strong 
C. J. Strong 
D. Mr. John Strong 
17. Gabby has been asked to do a task by her supervisor, which she does not understand. What should she do? 

A. Google the instructions. 
B. Begin the task and try to figure it out along the way. Page of 10 

C. Ask the supervisor for clarification. 
D. Ask a coworker for help. 
18. Josh is given multiple instructions to complete a task, many more instructions than he can remember. What should he do? 

A. Do the ones he remembers. 
B. Ask his supervisor to repeat them so he can write them down. 
C. Ask a co-worker if she heard the instructions. 
D. Request his supervisor always provide instructions in writing. 
19. Jennifer’s supervisor asks her to mark down all jackets by 15%. The jackets currently cost $65.00. What is the new sale price of the jacket? 

A. $55.25 
B. $58.50 
C. $50.00 
D. $45.00 
20. Keith’s supervisor meets with him to constructively criticize a project he just completed. What should Keith do? 

A. Explain why the project was done well. 
B. Tell the supervisor the project would have been better if he had more time. 
C. Listen to the supervisor without making excuses. 
D. Provide reasons as to why each of the criticisms was not his fault. 
Cluster 5: Labor Issues (sexual harassment, ADA, EEOC, Rights) 
21. Maria repeatedly asks her subordinate, Steve, out for dinner. He repeatedly declines her invitation. Maria then demotes Steve. What should Steve do? 

A. Go out to dinner with Maria so he can get his position back. 
B. Find another place to work. 
C. Tell his colleagues what happened. 
D. File a complaint with Maria‟s supervisor and with a local branch of the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 
22. Javier has been instructed to move to a department on the second floor. He cannot access the second floor of his workplace due to a disability. What should he do? 

A. Ask for the department to be moved downstairs. 
B. Sue the company for discrimination. 
C. Submit a request to his employer to ensure that the facility is compliant with the 
United States Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 
D. Find another job. 
23. Vanessa is not a salaried employee and is asked to work a 12 hour day. She is only scheduled to work 8 hours and is only paid for 8 hours. What are her rights? 

A. Her right is to be paid overtime for any work beyond 8 hours. Page of 10 

B. She does not have any rights as a non-salaried employee. 
C. Her right is to redo the work schedule so she only works 8 hours. 
D. Her right is to complain about the extra hours. 
Cluster 6: Working Independently and Collaboratively 
24. You have been asked to work on a project with three other coworkers. What would be the best way to begin? 

A. Take charge and determine roles and tasks. 
B. Define roles and create tasks as a team. 
C. Work on the project individually and then meet to decide which project is best. 
D. Ask the supervisor to assign roles and tasks. 
25. You’re working in a group on a project and you have finished your portion of the work. What should you do? 

A. Declare that you are done so your co-workers will be motivated to finish. 
B. Advise your co-workers as to how they could do their work more efficiently. 
C. Make sure your supervisor knows you finished before anyone else. 
D. Ask your co-workers if there is anything you can do to help them. 
26. What is a benefit of teamwork? 

A. Less work 
B. Less responsibility 
C. Greater work efficiency 
D. Higher pay 
27. What does the term “prioritize” mean? 

A. Rank items according to level of importance 
B. Rank items according to level of difficulty 
C. A formal exercise in management 
D. Deciding which things you are good at doing 
Cluster 7: Communicate Effectively and Appropriately 
28. An angry customer approaches you and he begins to yell. How should you respond? 

A. Stay calm and speak in a normal voice. 
B. In a louder voice so the customer can hear you, tell him to calm down. 
C. Tell the customer to leave. 
D. Call the police. 
29. Your boss asks you to email a client to let her know when her order will arrive. Which of the following is the most appropriate email message? 

A. Your order has been processed and will arrive tomorrow afternoon. 
B. How‟s it going? Your order is supposed to be there tomorrow. Page of 10 

C. Items on the way - B there 2morrow. 
D. Please call me if you want to know about your order. 
30. A co-worker criticizes one of your ideas in front of the boss. What is your best reaction? 

A. Immediately remind the critic of his most recent flawed idea. 
B. Say nothing. You‟ll vent with co-workers later. 
C. Point out how they are wrong and how your idea is better than any idea they‟ve had. 
D. Thank the critic for the input, and say you‟ll take the feedback under consideration. 
31. A less talented co-worker is promoted to a position you hoped for. How should you handle your disappointment? 

A. Start looking for another job – somewhere else. 
B. Forget about it. It‟s their loss. 
C. Ask the manager what areas you can focus on to be a stronger candidate in the future. 
D. Express your disappointment to your supervisor. 
32. Which of the following is unethical behavior for a salesperson? 

A. Telling a customer that the low-price item in stock is unavailable so the customer will 
have to buy a more expensive product. 
B. Finding out what types of products the customer likes so you can show those products 
to the customer. 
C. Providing the price for the product if the person asks. 
D. Emphasizing only the best features of a product during the sales presentation. 
Cluster 8: Performing Reliably and Responsibly 
33. Kim wakes up feeling ill and cannot work that day. What is the best thing for her to do? 

A. Go back to sleep. Her boss will understand. 
B. Go in and try to make it through the day. 
C. Call or communicate directly to her supervisor. 
D. Have her mom call in and tell a co-worker she will be out sick. 
34. Jack’s boss assigns him a task that he does not feel like doing. What should he do? 

A. Ask his boss if someone else can be assigned the task. 
B. Accept the task but put off starting it until he feels more motivated. 
C. Ask his co-worker to do it. 
D. Complete the task on time and accurately. 
35. When leaving for work, what is the best strategy for getting to work on time? 

A. Allow extra time in case there is traffic or other delays. 
B. Avoid streets with lots of traffic signals. 
C. Check traffic often while driving using your smart phone. Page of 10 

D. Leave the house so that you arrive in the parking lot at your exact starting time. 
36. While on the way to work, Jessica gets in a car accident. She is not injured, but the person in the other vehicle is injured. What should she do? 

A. Call in sick and offer to drive the person to the hospital. 
B. Call 911; contact her direct supervisor to inform him of the situation; and remain at the 
scene in a safe location. 
C. Exchange insurance information and get to work as soon as possible. 
D. Call 911; exchange phone numbers; get to work immediately; then call the injured person to see if they are ok. 
37. Amy is working at a cash register and watches a co-worker slip some cash into his pocket after ringing up a sale. What is the best course of action? 

A. Call the police and report the theft. 
B. Tell her co-worker that she will report him unless he puts the money back. 
C. Videotape him with her cell phone and post it on You Tube. 
D. Report the incident to her immediate supervisor. 
38. Rick did not get the task done on time and is approached by his supervisor to find out why. What should he do? 

A. Pretend he was never given the instructions to complete the task. 
B. Explain that he has been too busy to complete the task. 
C. Be honest and take responsibility for why he didn‟t complete the work. 
D. Tell the supervisor he wasn‟t given enough time to complete the task. 
39. Ellen discovers that she made a mistake that might cost the company a lot of money. What should she do? 

A. Immediately bring it to the attention of her supervisor. 
B. Resign from her job 
C. Try to fix the mistake herself 
D. Wait to see what happens before worrying anyone. 
40. The work schedule is posted for the week and Tina has a conflict on one of her scheduled workdays. What is the best course of action? 

A. Tina should work that day anyway. 
B. Contact another co-worker to switch workdays. Notify her supervisor of the change. 
C. Complain to her supervisor and request a change of schedule. 
D. Tina should call in sick on the day of the conflict. 
Cluster 9: Working with Diverse Populations Effectively and Respectfully Page of 10 

41. Jacob is working on a project with Abdul. Abdul needs to take a day off to observe a religious holiday. The project deadline is approaching. What should Jacob do? 

A. Tell his supervisor she needs to assign someone else to work on the project with him. 
B. Take the day off too since Abdul will not be there. 
C. Meet with Abdul prior to his absence to create an action plan. 
D. Inform Abdul he is being unprofessional by missing a workday. 
42. Sara attends a cultural event where the food served is unfamiliar and smells weird to her. What should she do? 

A. Warn her friends that the food smells weird. 
B. Keep her comments to herself. 
C. Pretend to eat the food, but instead throw it under the table. 
D. Tell the servers that the food smells weird. 
43. Brian heard a co-worker making an inappropriate comment about the culture of another co-worker. What should he do? 

A. Report it to a supervisor. 
B. Agree with the co-worker‟s comment to avoid an uncomfortable confrontation. 
C. Assemble together the two co-workers to work out their differences. 
D. Tell the co-worker what the other person said about them. 
44. Larissa refuses to work with Annatto on a project management team because of her ethnicity, what should Annatto do? 

A. Annatto should inform her co-workers that Larissa is a racist. 
B. Annatto should file a complaint with the ACLU. 
C. Annatto should speak with her supervisor. 
D. Annatto should tell Larissa that her feelings are hurt. 
Cluster 10: Acquiring Job Interview Techniques 
45. Carmen has been invited to interview with a company for which she applied. What is the first step in preparation for this employment interview? 

A. Get a manicure. 
B. Google interview questions and responses. 
C. Purchase a new outfit for the interview. 
D. Research the company. 
46. On the day of his interview, how early should Jose arrive prior to the scheduled interview time? 

A. 10-15 minutes 
B. 1-5 minutes 
C. 25-30 minutes 
D. 45-50 minutes Page of 10 

47. What is the proper way to greet the employment interviewer? 

A. Walk in, sit down and wait to be addressed. 
B. Tell a joke to break the ice. 
C. Look the interviewer in the eyes, smile and give a firm handshake. 
D. Stand quietly and avoid eye contact. 
48. What should Melena do once she has left an employment interview? 

A. Wait for the interviewer to call her back. 
B. Send the interviewer a hand-written thank you note. 
C. Email the interviewer stating she looks forward to hearing from him soon. 
D. Call the next day to find out if she got the job. 
49. Near the end of the employment interview, Dante is asked, “Do you have any questions for me?” What might Dante ask the interviewer? 

A. “Will I have opportunities for further training and advancement?” 
B. “What is the dress code for the company?” 
C. “How much money will I get paid?” 
D. “What is the procedure for getting time off when I need it?” 
50. What should Tina wear for her employment interview at the bank? 

A. A colorful shirt and ruffled skirt 
B. A semi-formal dress 
C. A dress shirt and dark jeans 
D. Conservative professional clothing with minimal accessories. 
Cluster 11: Attaining Awareness of Advanced Career and Educational Opportunities 
51. Joe wants to become a marine biologist. To make sure that he is making the right choice for the lifestyle he wants, what should he do? 

A. Call Sea World 
B. Google “Marine Biologist”. 
C. Research the job future and projected salary. 
D. Talk to his science teacher. 
52. Marco wants to be a high school principal. How could he find out what education he needs? 

A. Ask his teacher. 
B. Go to the local community college and ask the registrar. 
C. Research on the Internet the education and career pathway for the job. 
D. Google “Principal”. Page 10 of 10 

53. Josefina has always wanted to be a chef. She does not know where to get the education for that job. What is the best strategy for her to follow? 

A. Watch „Top Chef‟ and see how they do it. 
B. Talk with people who work in that industry. 
C. Go out to eat at restaurants often to try to make connections. 
D. Go to the local community college and ask the registrar. 
54. Dana is thinking she might be interested in pursuing a career in law. What would be a good way to help her decide if this is what she wants to do? 

A. Try to sign up for jury duty. 
B. Go to the local community college and ask the registrar. 
C. Watch the entire series of Boston Legal. 
D. Sign up for an internship in a lawyer‟s office. 

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