Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Here is your final for this class

1.  Under design, create a new page on your blog.  Make sure you show it as a tab and it is visible.

Choose blank page

                  Select "from this blog" to upload Your Art

Choose 10 of your best works and title each work


Under the title of the page write... My Portfolio

Make sure you save it as a tab at the top and it is visible. 

After you have created you best work page, write a new post saying "My portfolio is up and ready to be graded.  I will not know you have created a portfolio page unless you also write a post which I will see in my reader.   So write the post!

Your work will be graded as a whole with a max possible points of 20.  2 points each of 10 works of art.  

Extra credit.  You can add this to your blog for an additional 10 points

Original ad (10 possible bonus points)

Now... With our skills in layout and our new skill in sizing and cropping photo's.


Create a full page ad. All original. Borrow ideas from past or present pages or just use your eye and creativity. 

Grading on creativity, layout, spelling, sharpness of photo's, how photo's are cropped, and overall quality.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Last Assignment

The last assignment is a simple survey.

The rest of the week you can use to make up work in this or any other class.

Link to Survey 10 points. 

Today's Assignment