Monday, January 27, 2014


First.  Read and follow these steps in making a good flyer <(link)

Look at Flyer layout styles <link

Assignment    Make a flyer with the information listed below.  Let's talk about how it should look.  Make it 8.5 x 11

Hey Doug,

Thanks for all the info.  I appreciate it.  Here is the info regarding the flier for the event on 2/8.


Title:  Poets Meet Poets II

When: Saturday Feb. 8th, 2014 from 10-1

Where: Point Loma HS - Room 854

Why: An opportunity for high school aged writers from different San Diego schools to collaborate with diverse poets and spoken word artists.  The workshop will consist of performances, question and answer, writing, mingling and sharing of work.  This is an awesome opportunity to build community and to help foster the spoken word movement!

Featuring: Talented spoken word artists: Imani Cezanne, Matt Cuban, R.Preston Clark - host of Lyrical Exchange, Sherwin and Rolland from Glassless Minds, Jordan Hamilton, and more!

For More Information: Contact the Point Loma Poetry Club and/or Darren Samakosky at

***There will be food!  There will be a raffle! Come and be part of something special!

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