PLHS Dress Code

You may not wear...

  • Clothing or apparel that promotes sex, violence, drugs, and/or alcohol.
  • Clothing or apparel that is sexually suggestive (too tight, too short, too low, see-through materials, etc.) All tops must be long enough to tuck into slacks, skirts, shorts or trousers. Tops shall remained closed and not allow frontal exposure of students, including midriffs and chests.  No strapless tops, tops with "spaghetti" straps for girls or undershirts or "A-shirts" for boys.
  • Offensive apparel or items because they cause disruption in the classroom.
  • No sagging pants allowed.  Undergarments must be fully concealed.
  • Clothing or apparel which are deemed to be gang or tagger-related or incite confrontation, including do-rags and bandanas.
  • Pajamas, bathrobes, or related sleep attire may not be worn to school..
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.  No bare feet and no slippers.
  • Head coverings (hats, hoods, caps) may not be worn at any time while inside any classroom or office, except at the attendance of a sporting event or if the item is required by an established religious faith.

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